About 48 Hour Traveller

In 2015 I quit my job because of a desire to explore.
Since then I have been awestruck by the different people, food and views I have found across the globe!


Originally from London, UK, I have now visited 21 countries across the world – witnessing beautiful sights, meeting fascinating people and tasting delicious foods. I set up this blog with the aim to share, advise and inspire like minded people.

I appreciate that not everyone is blessed with infinite time to swan off and explore, but I have also come to realise that almost every city in the world can have its’ soul explored within 48 hours. The secret is knowing where to look. Enter – 48 Hour Traveller. The ultimate travel guide to provide the perfect taste of cities across the glob in just 48 hours.

Those who say you need months of free time, a bundle of money and plenty of energy to see and explore the places you want to see, are very much lacking knowledge. Low cost travel means you can now explore all sorts of exotic and previously inaccessible countries for far less than you might think. Read on to see my secrets of how I visited Thailand for 4 full weeks and spent just £132 including flights, hotels, food and activities (just under $6 a day)!

If you have questions about any of the topics on this blog, or you need help starting your own adventures feel free to contact me at travel@jamiedickinson.co.uk


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I try to update my Instagram profile on a daily basis (though a lack of Internet connection in remote parts, and distractions from the delightful things this world has to offer, can hamper this aim). Follow me to check my latest updates, sights seen, and sandwiches eaten.


Blog Posts

I’m a relatively new traveler compared to some of the people I have met in my travels. But already I have some stories to tell. From Thai wives in Thailand through to police bribes in Cambodia – catch the latest mischief I’ve been involved in through my blog posts. 


Travel Guides to around the World

Finally, as I mentioned, I set this site up with the aim to inspire and inform. My travel pages provide write ups, tips and tricks, and a lot of colourful photos of the places I’ve been across the world.